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ABOUT CURIOUS LOVE | If you've ever found yourself curious about love, sex, and why everyone else seems to know how to date amidst all the latest sexuality spectrums, you're not alone. Like many millennials, Kristen is about to turn thirty-five, and she’s ready for lasting love. But there’s one problem: she’s never been in a romantic relationship. Join her on an earnest and intimate quest to solve the mystery of partnership as she risks embarrassing conversations and awkward confrontations with experts and friends alike.

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This 8-episode serial is like getting to be a fly on the wall for every awkward and intimately tender conversation you’ve never had about partnership, love, sex drive, and sexuality. The story is part voyeuristic mystery, part relationship masterclass as it follows a millennial woman through her real-time process of figuring out who and how she loves before her 35th birthday.

She has conversations with everyone from experts to a past unrequited love to her parents, and you’ll find yourself at points laughing, cringing, crying, and most definitely recognizing yourself and your own secret curiosities. The bonus is that there’s a prequel book The Overthinker’s Guide to Love for listeners who want to know more backstory to this earnest and honest quest for love.


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KRISTEN RUTH SMITH is a writer, podcaster, graphic designer, millennial, single mother, and eternal experimenter. She acts as a professional chaos wrangler in her work as brand & web consultant.

She has turned her life into a Love Laboratory and is committed to encouraging others to do the same through her website, her Curious Love podcast and its narrative prequel, upcoming book The Overthinker’s Guide to Love: A Story of Real-Life Experiments Turned Practical Wisdom (June 19, 2019). Her earnest curiosity and candid storytelling offer permission to all of us to approach who we are in love with fresh eyes and always #liveexperimentally.

Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, she brings her Midwestern sensibility to her explorations of love and life. Kristen currently lives, works & creates in Ojai, California. You can contact her directly HERE.

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