• SUBJECT: Holly, female, 42
  • DATA SET: in love 3 times
  • SUBMISSION DATE: 2017.10.17

"I have been IN LOVE 3x in my late teens/early 20’s, but the first 2x were not as serious as the third time...I’m still married to the third one after being together for 27 years.

For me, I know I am in love when I want to spend all of my time with the other person and the idea of being separated from them is not an option. I think IN LOVE changes with time and actually deepens and matures. The original feelings of butterflies and nervousness in the beginning grows into respect and admiration as you go through life and it’s challenges. I look at my husband now with his greying hair and feel so amazed at the level of loyalty and love he has shown me over the years...he is my best friend!"

Kristen Ruth Smith