• SUBJECT: Jennifer, female, 40ish
  • DATA SET: in love 5 times
  • SUBMISSION DATE: 2017.11.24

"I would give my life for them if it came down to it, without even thinking twice. I feel a warmth and strength within my solar plexus that radiates to my heart when I think of them or sit with them talking. I can feel happy and giddy with gratitude, as if life itself is the translucent bubbles of champagne. And when I’m angry, I still love them even when I hate them. I feel safe.

The energetic sensation of being in love seems to emanate from the core and radiates out. It’s a contrast to lust and desire, which seems to be associated with conquest and bypasses the core altogether – straight from the mind to the groin. When I’m in love, I stand in my power and love the person as my equal. When I lust, I give my power away and put the person on a pedestal. And it’s only ever temporary; intoxicated by opportunity.

For me, it is a genuine feeling of tenderness in my heart. It bypasses gender, whereas being in love tends to be reserved only for my partners which are men... and my child when she was alive. Which is interesting, because that suggests being in love is a living phenomenon whereas love can be eternal."

Kristen Ruth Smith